Thursday Evening Owls: Some media appear to have forgotten that first impeachment was minimize and dried, too


The video was so damning that it short-circuited political reporters’ hard-wired impulse to equivocate, water down, and, above all, hear each side. The visible proof on show—aided, it needs to be added, by the incompetent efficiency of Trump’s protection attorneys—made the Republican case irrelevant. How may they compete with such stirring documentary proof? The video acquired such rave opinions that it could certainly have a 100% contemporary ranking on Rotten Tomatoes had it been given a theatrical launch. Trump’s personal impeachment attorneys praised it throughout their opening statements. Even Steve Bannon was impressed!

The video was so convincing, nevertheless, that it led reporters and analysts into some misguided historic revisionism. The second impeachment trial is an open-and-shut case, they mentioned; the primary one, not a lot. The reality was that the primary impeachment trial was additionally open-and-shut, and the truth that it’s now not seen as such reveals the extent to which the Republican narrative continues to dominate protection of Washington. […]






“Many social justice activists–many feminists–continue to work towards one type of oppression whereas feeding the flames of one other, with out noticing that the blow torch behind the flames have to be tuned off earlier than we will have any hope of placing out the resultant fires.”
          ~~Lisa Kemmerer, Sister Species: Ladies, Animals and Social Justice (2011)


On this date at Each day Kos in 2008—Laura Bush: Hillary’s Criticism is Out of Bounds:

Mrs. Bush, forgive me if I believe Mrs. Clinton confronted a bit extra private humiliation and vitriol from the “compassionate conservative” aspect of the aisle throughout President Clinton’s time period of workplace than your husband faces right this moment (and with much more grace and sophistication than he does, I’d add). Her intimate life was combed over with glee by opponents throughout and after the Lewinsky scandal; she was—and stays to this present day—the goal of among the most misogynistic, woman-loathing rhetoric on the American scene.

Many wives in Mrs. Clinton’s circumstances would have dumped their philandering spouses and slunk off to a nook of Montana to drift the remainder of their lives away in a lake of chardonnay. As a substitute, she ran for political workplace and gained. She’s not a member of some legendary Former First Women Membership through which you, Mrs. Bush, can name in chits, nor did she ever place herself to be.

She’s a working opposition senator, and calling your husband’s administration on its lies, deceptions and ineptitude is her job as a part of these quaint checks and balances.