Landmark Publication on Vitamin C for COVID-19


No matter what the mainstream media need you to assume, many are beginning to notice the reality, which is that each vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and vitamin D have an unlimited quantity of analysis exhibiting they supply vital immune perform enhancements, and that your immune perform is your frontline protection towards all sickness, together with COVID-19.

As reported within the paper “Optimum Dietary Standing for a Nicely-Functioning Immune System Is an Essential Issue to Shield In opposition to Viral Infections,” revealed April 23, 2020:1

“The position diet performs in supporting the immune system is well-established. A wealth of mechanistic and scientific knowledge present that nutritional vitamins, together with nutritional vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, E, and folate; hint components, together with zinc, iron, selenium, magnesium, and copper; and the omega-3 fatty acids eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid play vital and complementary roles in supporting the immune system.

Insufficient consumption and standing of those vitamins are widespread, resulting in a lower in resistance to infections and as a consequence a rise in illness burden.”

Excessive-Dose Vitamin C Acts as an Antiviral Drug

As defined within the video above by Dr. Andrew Saul, editor-in-chief of the Orthomolecular Medication Information Service, at extraordinarily excessive doses, vitamin C really acts as an antiviral drug, successfully inactivating viruses.

His Tokyo presentation, “Orthomolecular Medication and Coronavirus Illness: Historic Foundation for Dietary Therapy,” highlights the truth that when used as a therapy, excessive doses of vitamin C — usually 1,000 instances greater than the U.S. Really useful Dietary Allowance (RDA) — are wanted.

It is a cornerstone of medical science that dose impacts therapy final result, however this premise is not accepted in the case of vitamin remedy the best way it’s with drug remedy. Most vitamin C analysis has used insufficient, low doses, which do not result in scientific outcomes.

“The medical literature has ignored over 80 years of laboratory and scientific research on high-dose ascorbate remedy,” Saul notes, including that whereas it is extensively accepted that vitamin C is helpful in preventing sickness, controversy exists over to what extent. “Average portions present efficient prevention,” he says, whereas “massive portions are therapeutic.”

Landmark Paper Places Vitamin C on the COVID-19 Therapy Map

Whereas well being authorities and mainstream media have ignored, if not outright opposed, using vitamin C and different dietary supplements within the therapy of COVID-19, citing lack of scientific proof, we now have a landmark evaluate2 recommending using vitamin C as an adjunctive remedy for respiratory infections, sepsis and COVID-19.

The evaluate,3 revealed December 7, 2020, within the journal Vitamins, was co-written by Dr. Paul Marik who, in 2017, developed a groundbreaking vitamin C-based treatment for sepsis. Marik is now heading up the Entrance Line COVID-19 Vital Care Alliance,4 which has developed a extremely profitable therapy for COVID-19.

The COVID-19 protocol was initially dubbed MATH+ (an acronym primarily based on the important thing elements of the therapy), however after a number of tweaks and updates, the prophylaxis and early outpatient therapy protocol is now often called I-MASK+5 whereas the hospital therapy has been renamed I-MATH+,6 because of the addition of the drug Ivermectin. Vitamin C stays a central part of this therapy, although.

(The 2 protocols7,8 can be found for obtain on the FLCCC Alliance web site in a number of languages. The scientific and scientific rationale for the I-MATH+ hospital protocol has additionally been peer-reviewed and was revealed within the Journal of Intensive Care Medication9 in mid-December 2020.) As defined within the Vitamins evaluate summary:10

“There are restricted confirmed therapies for COVID-19. Vitamin C’s antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating results make it a possible therapeutic candidate, each for the prevention and amelioration of COVID-19 an infection, and as an adjunctive remedy within the important care of COVID-19.

This literature evaluate focuses on vitamin C deficiency in respiratory infections, together with COVID-19, and the mechanisms of motion in infectious illness, together with assist of the stress response, its position in stopping and treating colds and pneumonia, and its position in treating sepsis and COVID-19.

The proof thus far signifies that oral vitamin C (2-8 g/day) might scale back the incidence and length of respiratory infections and intravenous vitamin C (6-24 g/day) has been proven to scale back mortality, intensive care unit (ICU) and hospital stays, and time on mechanical air flow for extreme respiratory infections …

Given the favorable security profile and low value of vitamin C, and the frequency of vitamin C deficiency in respiratory infections, it could be worthwhile testing sufferers’ vitamin C standing and treating them accordingly with intravenous administration inside ICUs and oral administration in hospitalized individuals with COVID-19.”

Worldwide Vitamin C Marketing campaign Launched

In a December 16, 2020, motion alert,11 Rob Verkerk, Ph.D., founder and scientific director of the Alliance for Pure Well being, introduced the launch of a world vitamin C marketing campaign12 in response to the landmark evaluate, which “places all of the arguments and science in a single, neat place.”

As famous by Verkerk, there are a number of causes to take supplemental vitamin C. First, your physique can not make it. Second, most individuals don’t get enough quantities from their eating regimen and, third, your physique’s requirement for vitamin C can improve 10-fold each time your immune system is challenged by an an infection, illness or bodily trauma.

In actual fact, the Vitamins evaluate13 factors out that it’s normal for hospitalized sufferers to have overt vitamin C deficiency, outlined as a blood degree at or beneath 11 µmol/L. That is notably true for older sufferers and people hospitalized for respiratory infections.

In line with the authors, “Vitamin C concentrations are three to 10 instances greater within the adrenal glands than in some other organ. It’s launched from the adrenal cortex underneath circumstances of physiological stress (ACTH stimulation), together with viral publicity, elevating plasma ranges fivefold.” In his motion alert, Verkerk notes:14

“Taking vitamin C as a preventative after which, upping your consumption should you’re contaminated, is a no brainer. So is utilizing vitamin C intravenously for these with acute respiratory infections, or sepsis, in important care.

A lot so, that we argue — given the now out there proof — that docs and different well being professionals who keep away from suggestions on vitamin C in relation to COVID illness prevention and therapy, ought to be thought-about medically negligent …

There may be ample proof to point out that dietary supplements like zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin D can assist stop and deal with COVID-19, however we’re prevented from studying about these advantages by the federal authorities.

As a result of dietary supplements are usually not, and may by no means change into, FDA-approved, they can’t declare to have an effect on illness, even after we know they will. This nonsense has to cease.”

How Vitamin C Works

As talked about, the Vitamins evaluate15 particulars vitamin C’s mechanisms of motion and the way it helps in instances of infectious illness, together with the widespread chilly, pneumonia, sepsis and COVID-19. For starters, vitamin C has the next fundamental properties:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Immunomodulatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Antithrombotic
  • Antiviral

Useful antiviral results apply to each the innate and adaptive immune techniques. When you’ve an an infection, vitamin C improves your immune perform partially by selling the event and maturation of T-lymphocytes, a sort of white blood cell that’s a vital a part of your immune system.

Phagocytes, immune cells that kill pathogenic microbes, are additionally ready to absorb oxidized vitamin C and regenerate it to ascorbic acid. With regard to COVID-19 particularly, vitamin C:16

Helps downregulate inflammatory cytokines, thereby lowering the chance of a cytokine storm. It additionally reduces irritation by the activation of NF-κB and by growing superoxide dismutase, catalase and glutathione. Epigenetically, vitamin C regulates genes concerned within the upregulation of antioxidant proteins and downregulation of proinflammatory cytokines

Protects your endothelium from oxidant damage

Helps restore broken tissues

Upregulates expression of Sort-1 interferons, your major antiviral protection mechanism, which SARS-CoV-2 downregulates

Eliminates ACE2 upregulation induced by IL-7. That is notably noteworthy, because the ACE2 receptor is the entry level for SARS-CoV-2 (the virus’ spike protein binds to ACE2)

Seems to be a strong inhibitor of Mpro, a key protease (enzyme) in SARS-CoV-2 that prompts viral nonstructural proteins

Regulates neutrophil extracellular lure formation (NETosis), a maladaptive response that leads to tissue harm and organ failure

Enhances lung epithelial barrier perform in an animal mannequin of sepsis by selling epigenetic and transcriptional expression of protein-channels on the alveolar capillary membrane that regulate alveolar fluid clearance

Mediates the adrenocortical stress response, notably in sepsis

The graph beneath, from the Vitamins evaluate, illustrates the important thing methods by which vitamin C ameliorates the pathology seen in COVID-19.

vitamin C ameliorates the pathology seen in COVID-19

Nebulized Peroxide Could Be Even Higher

The attractive graphic above makes it actually clear that one of many major ways in which vitamin C works is thru the technology of reactive oxygen species. Guess what the first one is? For those who guessed hydrogen peroxide give your self a excessive 5!

It’s extremely possible that the peroxide varieties a really highly effective signaling perform that stimulates the immune system to defeat no matter viral menace it’s uncovered to. This is without doubt one of the explanation why nebulized peroxide is my absolute favourite intervention for acute viral diseases. It’s extremely efficient, cheap and has no negative effects when used on the very low doses really useful (0.1%, which is 30 instances much less concentrated than common drugstore 3% peroxide).

My video beneath discusses the small print of how you should utilize this remedy. The secret is to have your nebulizer already bought and able to go in order that it’s locked and loaded and you do not have to exit and buy something should you or a liked one will get sick. You may nonetheless use vitamin C with the peroxide, as they possible have a strong synergy and use totally different complimentary mechanisms.

Since you aren’t utilizing full energy 3% peroxide and diluting it by 30 to 50 instances, it’s unlikely the stabilizers will current an issue, however to be secure, it’s best to make use of FOOD-GRADE peroxide. Additionally, don’t dilute it with plain water as the shortage of electrolytes within the water can harm your lungs should you nebulize it. As a substitute, use saline or add a small quantity of salt to the water to eradicate this threat.

peroxide dilution charts

Scientific Proof

The Vitamins evaluate17 additionally consists of scientific proof for the position of vitamin C in COVID-19, noting that early oral supplementation would possibly assist stop a gentle case from growing into one thing extra critical. In sufferers with important signs, intravenous administration of vitamin C has been proven to hurry up restoration, lowering each ICU stays and mortality.

Apparently, vitamin C deficiency and COVID-19 share lots of the identical threat components, together with male gender, darker pores and skin, older age and comorbidities akin to diabetes, hypertension and COPD. All of those subgroups are at elevated threat for extreme COVID-19 and, based on the authors, all “have additionally been proven to have decrease serum vitamin C ranges.”

Commenting on the scientific proof supporting using vitamin C within the therapy of COVID-19, the authors write:18

“There are at present 45 trials registered on investigating vitamin C with or with out different remedies for COVID-19. Within the first RCT to check the worth of vitamin C in critically sick COVID-19 sufferers, 54 ventilated sufferers in Wuhan, China, had been handled with a placebo (sterile water) or intravenous vitamin C at a dose of 24 g/day for 7 days …

The extra severely sick sufferers with SOFA [sequential organ failure assessment] scores ≥ 3 within the vitamin C group exhibited a discount in 28-day mortality: 18% versus 50% in univariate survival evaluation (Determine 2). No study-related opposed occasions had been reported.”

Determine 2 beneath, from model 1 of the examine,19 “Excessive-Dose Vitamin C Infusion for the Therapy of Critically Unwell COVID-19,” posted on the preprint server Analysis Sq. August 10, 2020 (up to date September 23, at which level it was renamed20), exhibits the 28-day mortality charges between critically sick COVID-19 sufferers given high-dose IV vitamin C (HDIVC) in comparison with these given a placebo.

28 day mortality rates

The Nutrient evaluate additionally summarizes findings from different COVID-19 trials utilizing vitamin C, in addition to a number of case reviews:21

“Within the UK, the Chelsea and Westminster hospital ICU, the place grownup ICU sufferers had been administered 1 g of intravenous vitamin C each 12 h along with anticoagulants, has reported 29% mortality, in comparison with the common 41% reported by the Intensive Care Nationwide Audit and Analysis Centre (ICNARC) for all UK ICUs …

The Frontline COVID-19 Vital Care Professional Group (FLCCC), a gaggle of emergency drugs consultants, have reported that, with the mixed use of 6 g/day intravenous vitamin C (1.5 g each 6 h), plus steroids and anticoagulants, mortality was 5% in two ICUs within the US (United Memorial Hospital in Houston, Texas, and Norfolk Normal Hospital in Norfolk, Virginia), the bottom mortality charges of their respective counties.

A case report of 17 COVID-19 sufferers who got 1 g of intravenous vitamin C each 8 h for 3 days reported a mortality price of 12% with 18% charges of intubation and mechanical air flow and a major lower in inflammatory markers, together with ferritin and D-dimer, and a pattern in the direction of reducing FiO2 necessities.

One other case of sudden restoration following high-dose intravenous vitamin C has additionally been reported. Whereas these case reviews are topic to confounding and are usually not prima facie proof of results, they do illustrate the feasibility of utilizing vitamin C for COVID-19 with no opposed results reported.”

How A lot Vitamin C Do You Want?

As detailed within the introduction of the Vitamins evaluate,22 primates and people are depending on an sufficient provide of vitamin C from fruit and veggies. Gorillas want 4.5 grams a day, whereas smaller primates weighing round 7.5 kilos want about 600 mg per day. This offers us a clue as to what the human requirement is perhaps, and it is fairly a bit greater than the each day really useful consumption. In line with the authors:23

“The EU Common Requirement of 90 mg/day for males and 80 mg/day for girls is to take care of a standard plasma degree of fifty µmol/L, which is the imply plasma degree in UK adults. That is enough to stop scurvy however could also be insufficient when an individual is underneath viral publicity and physiological stress.

An skilled panel in cooperation with the Swiss Society of Vitamin really useful that everybody complement with 200 mg ‘to fill the nutrient hole for the overall inhabitants and particularly for the adults age 65 and older. This complement is focused to strengthen the immune system.’ The Linus Pauling Institute recommends 400 mg for older adults (>50 years previous).

Pharmacokinetic research in wholesome volunteers assist a 200-mg each day dose to provide a plasma degree of circa 70 to 90 µmol/L. Full plasma saturation happens between 1 g each day and three g each 4 hours, being the best tolerated oral dose, giving a predicted peak plasma focus of circa 220 µmol/L.

The identical dose given intravenously raises plasma vitamin C ranges roughly tenfold. Larger intakes of vitamin C are more likely to be wanted throughout viral infections with 2–3 g/day required to take care of regular plasma ranges between 60 and 80 µmol/L. Whether or not greater plasma ranges have extra profit is but to be decided, however could be according to the outcomes of the scientific trials mentioned on this evaluate.”

Whereas high-dose vitamin C regimens sometimes name for intravenous administration, if treating a viral an infection at residence (be it COVID-19 or one thing else), you possibly can use oral liposomal vitamin C, as this lets you take far greater doses with out inflicting unfastened stools.

You may take as much as 100 grams of liposomal vitamin C with out issues and get actually excessive blood ranges, equal to or greater than intravenous vitamin C. I view that as an acute therapy, nonetheless. I discourage individuals from taking mega doses of vitamin C frequently if they are not really sick, as a result of it’s basically a drug — or no less than it really works like one.

Saul, who has labored with and really useful vitamin C for many of his skilled life suggests taking “sufficient vitamin C to be symptom-free,” no matter dosage that is perhaps. Whenever you’re effectively, you sometimes do not want greater than the 200 mg to 400 mg really useful within the quote above.