Khloe Kardashian Displays on Her Plan for Elevating Daughter True as a White Mother – E! On-line


To not expose your youngsters to the realities of race, in accordance with Khloe, could be a disservice. “Even when you do stay in a bubble, whoever you might be, I believe that may be actually jarring then when your youngsters are let loose, then they’ll be so both devastated, damage, traumatized, confused, overwhelmed,” she stated. “I believe it is our responsibility as dad and mom to essentially expose them whereas they’ve the security and safety of their dad and mom to, I believe, talk that with them and nonetheless information them and assist them as a substitute of identical to letting them out into the free world and now they’re like, Wait, this is not what—I did not hear about this, I had no thought this was what actual life was.”

On the subject of parenting her daughter, Khloe anticipates one other problem. “One thing that I already know I’ll have bother with is letting her make her personal errors,” she stated. “That is how all of us be taught in life.”

As she put it, “I do know it is a unending journey being a mom. It isn’t simply after they’re 18 and also you simply overlook about them…You are all the time their mother.”