10 Things To Know Before You Shop for Weighted Blankets Perth


For those looking to improve their sleep, weighted blankets can be a great addition to your bedroom. If you live in Perth, many weighted blanket options are available – but what should you consider before making a purchase?

Are you thinking about adding a weighted blanket to your bedroom? If so, you’re in for an amazing experience. Weighted blankets have been gaining popularity because they provide comfort and relief from stress and anxiety. But before you shop for weighted blankets in Perth, there are some important things that you should know. Here are ten essential tips to help guide your shopping process when looking for weighted blankets Perth!


Weighted blankets come in various sizes and weights, so it’s important to ensure you choose the right weight for your body type. A weighted blanket that is too heavy or too light won’t be as effective. Consider your height, weight, and size when selecting the appropriately weighted blanket.


Weighted blankets come in different fabrics, including cotton, fleece and weighted fabric. Each type of fabric has its unique benefits. Selecting a blanket made with breathable materials such as cotton or weighted fabric is important to reduce the risk of overheating.


Weighted blankets come filled with either weighted beads or weighted pellets. Weighted beads provide even weight distribution, while weighted pellets allow greater flexibility and movement within the blanket. Consider what type of filling would be most comfortable for you before purchasing.

Size & Shape

Weighted blankets also come in various sizes and shapes to fit any bed size or sleeping style. If you’re purchasing a weighted blanket for a child or an adult, make sure the weighted blanket is the correct size and shape.

Price & Budget

Weighted blankets range in price from budget-friendly to more expensive models. Consider your budget when shopping for weighted blankets in Perth so that you don’t overspend on something that doesn’t suit your needs.

Safety Features

When shopping for weighted blankets Perth, look for safety features such as weighted corners and secure straps to ensure the blanket won’t shift during sleep. It will help prevent choking hazards while providing added comfort and stability.


Weighted blankets can be quite heavy when wet, so choosing one that is machine-washable for easy care is important.


You can personalize weighted blankets in Perth with various colours, textures, and designs to match your bedroom décor. Look for weighted blankets made from hypoallergenic materials or ones with removable covers for easy cleaning.

Cleaning Instructions

Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean your weighted blanket and follow them closely to ensure it lasts a long time without any damage. Opt for machine-washable weighted blankets to keep them clean and fresh easily.

Trial Periods

Some weighted blanket retailers offer a trial period where you can try the weighted blanket before committing to purchase it. It is a great way to determine if weighted blankets fit your needs without breaking the bank.

These tips will help you decide when shopping for weighted blankets in Perth. Considering these factors, you can find the perfect weighted blanket that will provide comfort and relaxation for years!